Who We Are

The Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail are community members who originally gathered for the purpose of transforming an abandoned railroad into a regional trail and tourist destination. Today we focus on maintaining and growing the Kal-Haven and Van Buren Trails.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support for expansion and maintenance of the Trails and continued programming, thereby attracting more people to take advantage of this regional resource.

Current Projects

  • Annual participation in the South Haven School District’s Trail Education Day which focuses on 5th graders, bringing them onto the trail for education, fun and games.
  • Replacing the bike rack at Kalamazoo and maintaining the bicycle repair stations at 10th Street, Bloomingdale and South Haven.
  • Transferring the caboose at Bloomingdale to the Bloomingdale Area Historical Association for the refurbishing of the caboose to be historically accurate (c1913)  and to last for years to come. We have allocated $11,000 to the project.
  • Creating a geo-referenced map of the trail and reprinting our popular tourist maps of the trail.
  • Adding more bathrooms at 10th Street, bicycle air pumps at South Haven and Kalamazoo, and other amenities along the trail.
  • Adding wayfinding signs to the Van Buren Trail.

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