Who We Are

The Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail are community members who originally gathered for the purpose of transforming an abandoned railroad into a regional trail and tourist destination. Today we focus on maintaining and growing the Kal-Haven and Van Buren Trails.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide support for expansion and maintenance of the Trails and continued programming, thereby attracting more people to take advantage of this regional resource.

Current Projects

  • Some of our latest projects are rebuilding the caboose in Bloomingdale to be historically accurate and to last for years to come.
  • Adding historical heritage markers throughout the trail.
  • Adding more bathrooms, bicycle repair stations, and other amenities along the trail.

Photo Credits:

"Rode from Kalamazoo to Mentha today - the trail has never looked better! SO much new stuff to see, Mentha's signs are beyond compelling. Many congrats to everyone who has been a apart of these amazing upgrades."
Kalamazoo, Michigan
"Awesome! I just rode the trail yesterday. It was the first time on the trail and was impressed how scenic, safe, easy, and enjoyable it was. I’ll definitely ride it again....and tell my friends/family!"
Kalamazoo, Michigan
"Today three friends and I finished hiking the trail from Kalamazoo to the Lake in three consecutive days- about 12 miles a day. We are about 60 each and loved every step! Many times we sang the praises of all involved in making and maintaining the Trail. It is (and you are) a treasure. Thank you."
Kalamazoo, Michigan