Major parking lots are available at:

10th Street in Oshtemo Township (Kalamazoo County)
Grand Junction
South Haven

A Michigan State Parks Passport is Required.

Without a special permit from DNR only Class 1 E-Bikes are allowed on the trail. These E-Bikes have a 20MPH maximum speedĀ  and cannot have a throttle on them.

Permits for Class 2 E-Bikes can be obtained through the park’s office in South Haven.

Class 3 E-Bikes are forbidden on all trails in Michigan due to their speed.

The trail is mostly hard packed limestone with short paved sections in South Haven, Bloomingdale, and Kalamazoo. Most riders find that street bicycles will be okay but tires a little ‘fatter’ would give you a better ride.

Though Trail Permits were once required when the trail was new, it’s been 20 years since they were! Use of the Kal-Haven Trail is completely free through donations, grants, and state/federal funds!

There was a section near South Haven that had been used for horseback riding back in the early days. But due to minimal use, it has not been cleared for riding.

Riders are being directed to the Van Buren Trail which begins at 16th Avenue, just south of South Haven. The Van Buren trail will take you 14 miles to Hartford and is more than worth the ride. It is a beautiful and under-used trail.