Van Buren Trail State Park

The Van Buren Trail State Park is a 14-mile linear, multi-use trail that links the cities of Hartford with South Haven via Covert. The trail runs through open farmland, blueberry fields, dense forests, cranberry glades and wooded areas. As it crosses the Paw Paw river it enters Potawatomi tribal territory. The surface of the trail creates a challenging ride that is more suitable for hiking, horseback riding, and snowmobiling. And though flat, mountain bikes often find the trail a challenging and worthwhile ride.

There is parking at the Hartford trailhead, but there is currently no DNR-established trailhead in South Haven. Visitors can use the South Haven City lot at the corner of Huron and Kalamazoo Streets and follow the marked road route to the trail. Parking is also available at Van Buren State Park to access the trail via the Van Buren Trail Spur. A Recreation Passport is required for motor vehicles entering Van Buren State Park.

Snowmobiles may begin their journey at 16th Avenue and head SOUTH to Hartford along the dirt section (which is the main trail). They are not permitted on the paved sections of the trail.

The paved Van Buren Trail Spur, opened in 2015, is a 4.5 mile paved trail connecting the Van Buren State Park to the City of South Haven.
The Van Buren Trail merges with the Van Buren Trail Spur near 16th Avenue. Heading north from this junction, the trail surface is paved to Maple Street. The City of South Haven does not have accommodations for horses, horse trailers or snowmobiles beyond the junction and does not allow  horseback riding or snowmobiling on the trail within the city limits.